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How Can I Help You?

As a seasoned professional providing services to national and local corporations, companies, government, associations, organizations and institutions, I can partner with you on any project, from concept to fulfillment.

Please contact me for professional consultation. I’ll put together a “no obligation” proposal or quote outlining exactly what I will do for you. And my maintenance rates are very reasonable. Maybe you don’t know me yet, but I guarantee everything through my integrity and reputation. When you’re completely satisfied, you’ll recommend my services to your friends and associates. That’s how I do business!

Web Maintenance, Management and Production

Who’s Keeping Watch On Your Site Tonight?

Among the many advantages the internet offers are the immediacy of delivering the information on the site to viewers 24 hours a day. But who’s keeping watch to make sure that your site is operational, up-to-date and your files are backed up in case the server crashes? Hmmm?

Good site maintenance means keeping it fresh. It doesn’t matter whether your ‘hits’ are coming from suppliers, employees or potential clients. If they see the same information every visit, they stop coming. A web site requires patience, thought, planning, frequent updating and experimentation. It must change often so people come back. Many businesses on the internet have very attractive yet VERY stale sites. I’m sure you have visited sites that are essentially dead; they were created with good intentions and then abandoned. Many times, a company or individual will design or create a web site for a business, and either leave them in the lurch for changes, or turn around time on updates to their site take too long. Few staff members have time, know-how, interest or resources to make changes and updates to the web site regularly.

Web site maintenance and management is the major portion of my customer base. I work discretely behind the scenes to help keep your site online and up to date. I will revive your dead or hibernating web site. I can revise and develop new copy, add graphics or implement newer interactive web technology. If your web site is hard to navigate, needs to be reorganized or redesigned… it won’t be too expensive.

My maintenance fees vary depending upon the amount of service required. I can update your site intermittently for a set hourly fee or arrange for a monthly or annual maintenance contract, which will save you money over time. Contracted services give you or your company a lower rate AND priority service.

If you don’t have an in-house web master or a professional marketer available to keep your site updated, please contact me for a free quote. You’ll discover why so many businesses have chosen me as their internet partner since 1997.

Fixing The Internet… One Site At A Time.

Here’s what you can expect from me…

  • Updates to your site within a respectable time frame, often within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Changes to your web site done the way you asked.
  • One-on-one communication with the web master. You’ll actually talk to me. If you have an web issue or technical problem, you’ll get prompt response and service.
  • Some of the most competitive pricing available.
  • Professional, advanced level services and more!

Web Promotion and Consulting

So, I have a killer web site. Where is everybody?

Search engines use spiders or robots to index web pages. After you submit your page to a search engine the bot will visit and index your whole site.

Aggressive, knowledgeable web site promotion, especially web site indexing, is more important than fancy design or even killer content, because unless the world knows you’re there, no one will see your page.

  • 87% of all web users depend on search engines to find products and information
  • The top 10 search sites account for 95% of all searches on the web.
  • 47% of searchers say they NEVER look at pages ranked below #30.
  • 62% of searchers say they “seldom” look beyond #10.

Creating a web site is only the first step. It does little good to have a great web site if no one can find it or knows about it. My services include search engine optimization for the major search engines that conduct 85% of internet searches. Web pages must be structured properly and target the correct key search terms. Submitting a web site to the search engines will have no effect on your rankings if the web pages are not optimized. Detailed monthly traffic reports can be provided.

Here are some ideas to help promote your site as well. Place your web site address immediately and prominently visible on all your promotional materials and ads. Also, by mentioning it in your voice mail message, people can get additional information until you can get back to them.

Dramatically Increase Traffic To Your Web Site!

Optimizing your web site for better search engine ranking requires special knowledge, and takes time and hard work to be done effectively.

Submitting alone is not enough!

Here’s what I will do…

  • Critique each page for search engine optimization.
  • Rework your site design to make it search engine compliant

Web Design, Development and Consulting

Should You Have A Web Site?

Absolutely. A web site is no longer just nice to have, it is a must have. People expect businesses in today’s environment to have one. A web site has become as essential as the brochure. It is versatile and can include much more information than possible through other venues. There is no limitation on space, colors, format, and the hours it’s open for business. Unlike printed materials, it can be corrected or updated regularly.

Site Domain Registration:
This is your own unique web address. It can include your company name, initials or some combination that makes it easy for people to find or remember your domain name.

I will work with you to determine the target audience, select the format for your site, discuss possible links and create realistic expectations for what a web site can and can’t do.

The field of web development requires a unique blend of technical skills, creativity, visual communication, information science, and entrepreneurship. I’ll walk you through the technical fundamentals and design principles that characterize the leading sites. Through exposure to best (and worst) practices on the web, together we will create a functional and aesthetic web site that keeps people coming back for more.

I take the time to analyze your needs and customize a plan to provide you with the services you need – I won’t try to sell you what you don’t need.

Graphic Design and Programming:
With thousands of colorful images and photographs at my fingertips, I can make your site visually appealing. I can also use your corporate logo and create unique, custom graphics designed especially for your website. I’m not talking about cookie-cutter sites. Mine are custom designed to reflect you and your unique business identity and branding strategy.

Web design strategy should be based on the ability to draw prospects into your sales funnel. A great web design together with well-planned content and navigation is vital to a website’s success. Prospects and customers will know immediately where they are and can easily understand and navigate your information, products and services.

Installing Your Web Site:
Working in cooperation with your internet hosting provider (assuming they allow FTP access), I will upload your pages from my office, and check to make sure it works on all popular browsers and platforms.

One of the most appealing aspects of a web site is the ability to make instant changes. Whether you need to put out a press release, announce a new sales promotion or send a message to your employees, we can update the site within 24 hours.

Cyber Editing:
I can take your existing copy from brochures, corporate manuals, ads, memo’s and whatever else you have and develop clear and concise messages appropriate for the internet.

Internet Consulting:
Are your brain cells on overload with all of this internet stuff? I’ll help you understand it (most of it anyway). Within no time you’ll be checking your e-mail or promoting your web site.

The dollars you spend on your site are just as important as any other of your valuable advertising media dollars. A lot of web sites are marginal in quality, functionality and drawing power because they do not integrate good planning and graphic design with technological know-how and browser limitations.

Let me build a professional site for you, or make your existing one pay off. I want you to look good on the web because your web image is a reflection of my work and how I do business as well.

Printing and Print Production Services

Tired of Learning The Expensive Way?

For many designers and desktop publishers, sending a job to the printer is a mysterious (and expensive) process of trial and error. Guesswork doesn’t cut it. To manage a print job effectively, you must understand how printers work, how to communicate with them, and how to identify the most effective solution that fits within your budget.

I will handle the technical fundamentals of producing professional-looking print projects. I will manage every step of the process, from choosing file formats and fonts, to specifying or separating colors, from choice of paper to managing the different phases of final production.

When working with a printer alone, you’ve just landed two jobs: designer and production manager. What’s required? Thorough knowledge of the print production process. You’ll have to coordinate the different ways in which print jobs are communicated from you to designer to printer. And since project guidelines and quality objectives need to be defined in any print job, I can help you explore how factors such as bleeds, die-cuts, folding, binding, volume, colors, graphics, proofs, paper stock and weight dramatically impact cost and quality.

After you give your files to a printer, your print job enters a Bermuda Triangle: a kind of no-man’s land between you, the pre-press department, and the printer. Let me help you find the right print shop. You don’t need to understand the printing process or learn what they can and can’t do and how to identify a good one. I’ll handle the different processes in offsetting printing (and other printing options) from beginning to end, so you can do what you do best. My experience covers both Macintosh and PC formats, including graphic design, pre-press, service bureau output, typesetting and printing going back twenty five years. I will manage your printer project from hand-off to going on-press to delivery of the final printed piece.

Selecting a printer and the correct media is just too important and expensive to do by yourself, no matter how much you want to. Yes, you want to save money. But how much did you save if it turns out wrong? Printing mistakes can be extremely costly!

Graphic Design and Marketing Services

Did You Ever Wonder?

How do giant corporations such as CBS, BMW, and Nike establish their corporate images?

You get only one chance for a first impression. Your graphics, logo, printed materials and advertisements must immediately tell the story. They must convey professionalism and confidence. The look, feel, and color convey a subliminal message.

Your logo is the front line, the identity of a company. It is ubiquitous, and vital. But how many understand the philosophy and process behind designing a logo? Don’t underestimate the importance of your company’s identity. The logo or trademark of any company becomes the focal point of every promotional and support piece.

In today’s business environment, marketing decisions have never been so plentiful or complicated, and as a result the mistakes so costly. And professional graphic design is increasingly challenging.

Your brochure, flyer, newsletter, ad, signage, stationery, business cards and support materials such as fax sheets and invoices set the tone. They either make you look professional or amateur (even if you’re not). They convey the message you are open for business and a stable company or a start up (even if you’re not). They are effective, or costly.

Remember, cheap conveys cheap. Value is whatever your prospective client thinks it is. There’s no way of calculating how much you lose by cutting corners in ways that influence client perception.

Businesses spend more money on going out of business ads and signs than they did telling people they are in business. If only they had spent wisely in the beginning.

Why Do You Think Coke and Kleenex Keep Advertising?

You need an image, a steady, consistent presentation that people begin to recognize, so they think of you when they do need your services. People seldom make a decision on seeing or hearing of you the first time. It takes several encounters before you experience a notable outcome.

There’s no way you could have read this far without knowing deep in your bones that the whole purpose of graphic design and marketing materials is to energize the process by which you earn profits.

It is only possible to ascertain cost efficiency, reach, frequency and continuity, that is, a realistic budget that will get results, by developing marketing materials and a plan with clear-cut objectives. Paradoxically, the tighter the budget, the more important the expertise.

Which Is More Important – the Phone Bill, or Marketing?

Think of your marketing investment as rent, something you spend automatically every month because you have to. Typically, the average American business owner invests about 4% of gross revenues in marketing a year, and unwisely almost all of it in advertising. The aggressive and realistic should think more in terms of 10% in marketing, and about half of that for advertising.

Most of our prospective clients read this document, mull over the ideas, then, return to the old ways. The sad estimate of how many people take action on something based upon the information they are given at seminars, for example, is a lowly 12-15%. The other 85% get the same information, but consider the data and seminar a mental exercise rather than a call to arms.

Because you are a professional, you know that the fun and satisfaction of succeeding, of doing what you set out to do, is still to come. I can guide you to where you want to be, with a much or as little help as you want.

I can help you:

  • Do the research
  • Create a solid strategy
  • Target the exact audience
  • Plan the schedule and aggressive marketing budget
  • Climb into the minds of your prospects
  • Come up with ideas that generate profits
  • Test those ideas
  • Select and develop the promotional and advertising tools
  • Launch that marketing
  • Stick to it and constantly quest to improve upon it

It’s That Simple, Right?

The secret is delegation. You have a company to run. You probably can do it all yourself, but at what cost in money, time and neglect to what you do best, or really want to be doing… Which is providing excellent services and products? Right?

Sometimes an outside perspective can be invaluable. We all get lost in the trees to can’t see we’re in a forest, especially when we’re in the midst of it everyday, emotionally and financially. Sure, you need to save money. But how much did you save if your own best efforts turn out to be ineffective?